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General - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

TabletStream is the best live streaming service for International programming (Hindi, Punjabi, Pakistani) on your own device. We provide live streaming television with DVR service. You decide your channel package and most important, how and when you want to watch.
You can download TabletStream from the App Store and use it on any iPhone or iPad. We are in Google Play for you to download on any Android phone or tablet. Go to our website to watch on your laptop or computer. Our app can be found on your Roku device for televisions.
You are not required to buy any hardware to watch TabletStream, You can use your existing device to view. DVR service is included with your subscription.
You can use TabletStream on your computer, laptop, Android phone/tablet, iPhone/iPad and on tv with Roku.
Unfortunately, no. When you create a subscription through iPhone, iPad or Roku, your subscription price will be higher due to the charges from Apple and Roku. However, you can sign up at our website or on your Android device to get a lower price, and use the account on iPhone/iPad or Roku. Your subscription will be charged directly by TabletStream and not by iTunes or your Roku account.
No. We offer a 1 day free trial to see if the streaming and channel list is what you want to purchase. You do not have to input any credit card details until the expiration of your free trial. Stream, record and catch up for two days free while you decide if you like the service!
For iPhone/iPad, your iTunes account will not be charged until you agree to the subscription after the 2 day trial. Roku will not charge you until you agree to the subscription after the 2 day trial.
Yes. Once you setup your account, you can use it on any of the supported devices. However, each account can only stream one show at a time. You will be able to use your account only on one device at a given time.
Yes. We will be releasing our app on Fire TV Stick, Apple TV and Android TV soon. If you would like to use TabletStream on any other device, please send an email to indicating the device on which you would like to view TabletStream.
Yes. Your TabletStream account comes with 100 hours of DVR service.
The recorded shows will be available until you decide to delete them Your account comes with 100 hours of storage. You may be asked to delete some shows if you try to record, and you are exceeding your 100 hours of storage.
Your 2 day trial period must have ended. However, if that is not the case, please contact
Yes. You will need internet service on your device to use TabletStream.
We will be adding additional channels and packages soon. Please send an email to indicating the channels you would like to see.
There are a few helpful How To videos on our website. Click on the links provided to view them. If you are still having trouble, you can also contact our customer service at
No. You can cancel service at any time. You pay in advance for the next month, so if you cancel service after you have paid, you will be able to continue to use the service until the expiration of your 30 day cycle.
No. There is no cancellation fee. You can choose to cancel your subscription at the end of any paid month.

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