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Computer / Laptop - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Open any web browser (Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox etc.) and type in Once you are on, click on the 1 day free trial. To set up your account, input your details and simply select your package. You are ready to watch your shows live.
When you log into TabletStream, you are directed to the guide page. You can also go to the guide page by selecting the TV Guide tab on the top. This page shows the live shows that are currently being shown. Select the show, and select Watch Live to view the show.
Select the TV Guide tab on the top. This will list all the shows that are playing now. Select the show that you would like to record, and then select Record. You can select Record Series to record the current show and any future episodes of the show. You also have the option to record from the Series, Movies or Sports tab at the top. This feature allows you to scroll through all the movies and series that will be shown over the next 7 days for you to decide if you want to record a show for later viewing.
You can check and make sure your show will be recorded by selecting the Future Recordings tab on the top. Any show you have selected to record over the next 7 days will be listed. You can delete any shows you no longer wish to record.
The recorded library can be viewed by selecting the My Playlist tab on the top.
Select the My Playlist tab on the top. The number of recording hours used and the remaining hours are displayed as a bar on top.

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